My family and I used to go to Central Christian Church. I beleieve in my heart that they are a cult.

There is one particular family that is involved in everything in this church. That should be a red flag to anyone that something is desperately wrong. Once you find out and question the motives, they ban you from ever going to Central again. They will probably have this deleted because they cannot stand negative publicity about them.

They are also all brainwashed there to believe that they are the best. Please do not go to Central Christian Church they are a cult. They treat their congretation as farm animals milking them of every dollar that they have. They even milk their staff of 10 percent of their paychecks.

Don't be bitten by these wolves.

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

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This is so sad. We have been searching for a church, and just prior to this post we decided that we would go and check it out. Now we are back where we started, new to the state and still do not have a church

Deniro Wci
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A really good church is the church of Christ on king st. In Henderson.

Right off Boulder hwy. this is a beautiful church and I’m not talking about the building. I’m talking about the people . The whole experience is so moving.

I’m so emotional . They saved my life there and my spirit.

Check it out. It’s not fancy but it is real

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Move forward in love not doubt! Worry is the devils playground!!!

I am a member here at Central, it is truly all love and all about God!! If you choose to you can view it live on live stream from the website.God Bless You!


Any church that removes "Christian"out of their name, is not a church I would attend.


They threatened too sue our city and i believe they should be banned out right


I could have told you this 13 years ago when I left the church. They are part of the Emerging Church movement. This place sickens me.

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I worked at Central Cult Church for 3 months as a Security and Safety Guard. I'm a retired NYPD Police Officer Specialist with 25 years of Service with the NYPD.I worked 3 months at the so called Central Church and I dealt with members {{Redacted}}, members {{Redacted}} in the parking lot, the homeless in the area coming in and attempting to steal property and when I addressed the situation in all these incidents I was reprimanded and informed to give the criminals and immoral "Grace".

I was informed if I didn't take their 12 step classes I could lose my position. When I performed any overtime I was not paid, I was informed I "Must" volunteer time to the church. During a meeting the group was informed that first and foremost we must protect the reputation of the pastor and the church. Anyone speaking against the pastor or the cult church, that the matter should be brought to the attention of our supervisor or the pastor immediately.

Anyone speaking against the Pastor or the Church will be exiled.Their approach for their followers mimics those of Scientology.I left after 3 months because I was threaten by a church member after I brought it to the father and mother's attention that their unsupervised 3 brats are not allowed to run on the stage and splash the baptismal water, it's not their house, and they should show some respect for the church and should perform their duties as parents.

He was happy with the response he received from me after he threatened me. Afterwards I was reprimanded for not showing "Grace" and for lashing out on one of the low lives that attend the church.


I believe the Bible is a story it's hard to so long ago that it's hard to take seriously or literally. Does anyone really, truly believe a sea was parted by Moses?

Or Noah put ALL animals (2 of each) on a boat? Or someone rose from the dead?

Harry Potter is a story too....do Bible believers think there are witches and wizards? I give my money to my family and bill collectors, not a cult church.


I vote cult. Enough said.


You make me laugh. I've been going to CCC for over 15 years.

It is a wonderful family church. As far as the milking you for 10%, well, I think it is safe to assume you need to get the ole good book out and read up on that stuff.

I don't have the time or space to list all the great things are church is doing in our community and around the world. You just keep looking for another church, spread your joy.

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Obvious this person is one of the brain washed "SHEEPS".


WOW! I've been going to CCC for years and find it quite the experience for me.

I'm shocked to hear and read so many of these stories! I liked HaHa's comment about insert any church name here and you'd be talking about most churches.

Remember Matthew 10:22; -"You will be hated by everyone because of me, but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved."

If it doesn't meet your needs, then find another...and pray for forgiveness. I believe this might be close to blasphemy!

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Central isn't a Church. It's a corporation with the intent to make money by having the sheep who attend their"EXPERIENCE", not mass...their "SO CALLED EXPERIENCE", donate 10% of their earning to the Central company.

Friday's they have "so called" recovery group so the central company is able to receive Government funding. They have a child care center for the SHEEPS to leave their kids while the sheep attend the recovery group session, and their have been times where the men's sexual offenders group meeting is less than 100 feet from the child care area.The heads of central company instilled the Disney Blue Print of having their SHEEPS who work or volunteer for the company to constantly repeat "WELCOME TO CENTRAL" so as to leave a subliminal message in the attending SHEEPS.

The objective was that if a person hear a certain message 10 times within a short span of time that message would be burned into their memory. Is that concept the approach of a church or a cult?


Does anyone know are had a personal experience on what there stand is on *** marriage and or just being ***?

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What should any person or church be on those issues, Biblically if they were a believer?

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It's an important question because Jesus (God) was at a wedding and didn't officiate (Matt. 2) .

He actually told his mom he didn't underastand what the fuss was all about. But baptist make a huge deal of state sponsored marriage, even though it's only purpose is to protect wealth, which God condemns.

I'd actually really like to know if this is a Church that will perform an actual, biblical marriage: one that doesn't need to be sanctioned by worldly, venal, pagan family courts but is, instead, just between God and the couple, without the State being involved at all.

Every time I hear a pastor say that the state has vested it's power in him to perform a wedding, I cringe.

That's God's power, not the state's. The state is wicked by nature.

1 Corinthians 6 - the scripture is pretty clear: asking a judge to preside over a spiritual matter between believers is forbidden:

Lawsuits Among Believers

6 If any of you has a dispute with another, do you dare to take it before the ungodly for judgment instead of before the Lord’s people? 2 Or do you not know that the Lord’s people will judge the world?

And if you are to judge the world, are you not competent to judge trivial cases? 3 Do you not know that we will judge angels? How much more the things of this life! 4 Therefore, if you have disputes about such matters, do you ask for a ruling from those whose way of life is scorned in the church?

Rom. 13-14 But put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for the flesh, to gratify its desires. Divorce in front of a judge is nothing but two people gratifying their desires. What if they never made provision for that temptation.

Baptists are a little un-literal all the sudden when it comes to the wordy expression of love called state marriage. Well, the law doesn't require it any more. Again, according to Paul, that means it isn't required. The law doesn't require it.

The bible condemns it.

Seems like God's actually setting us free from the IRS defining what a family is.


I've been going to this church since I was very young and I am very disappointed in what it has become lately. A couple weeks ago after a very uplifting Message about getting more involved, I decided that despite having two jobs already, that I would see if I could devote some of my time to helping out by volunteering.

I do not have the means right now to give 10% of my income to the church but when I feel called to give I always have. I am trying to get rid of some things in my life so that eventually I can devote a tenth of my income to giving, so I decided to give back with my talents and time to voleenteer while I'm working on it. When I was meeting with someone to talk about voleenteering they had told me that it was mandatory for me to be in a small group to voleenteer and handed me a contract that all the voleenteers had to sign stating many things but one of them I was deeply frustrated about, which stated that I would strive to give 10% of my income. It shouldn't be a requirement in order for me to help people that I have to tithe in a trackable manner.

That is a personal decision between me a God, and secondly they lately have been doing renovations around the church and have been asking for above and beyond a tenth. I feel that that is wrong pressuring all these people which like me are just struggling with paying a tenth if that isn't pushing people away from this church I don't know what is. Like I said I have been working two jobs just to get by right now and now in order for me to help the church out and to give back I have to join a small group too. I read my bible frequently and I do not like small groups because I do not learn well in group environments I learn better reading by myself and by listening to Juds message and how it relates to life.

I do not have plans on joining a small group because it is just not for me when I was younger I was in one for 4 years and I felt like it was a waste of my time and it wasn't helping me build a stronger relationship with God it was pushing me away. Why is this a necessity in order for me to help people?


You think that's all? Wait till they control your bonus or until time for 'special contribution'.

Oh wait, how about how you date, who you date, how many times you date and what you should do/not do when you date. Also they make you obey the 'law' that church meetings are much much much more important than your company meeting, or deadline on the job, school activities, exam, mother/father's death or hospitalization, etc. They say if you did not attend church for a month, then you are no longer a member (since when did Jesus did that?????) Question them and they'll 'burn' you, making sure you never questioned again. Then when you found the right partner, how you get married, where to go for honeymoon, how much money to spend, when to buy a house (regardless of how much money you have), and how you should have 'physical' activity with you partner.

Oh yes, then when you have kids, how you should bring them up and discipline them (without respect for you or your family's background). They also persecute you when you do not have visitors, hand in a written sin list, and announce/denounce them in front of the whole congregation (with the visitors or outsiders among them), shaming you and degrading your position as a human being. They want to control every aspect of your life and your children's lives, your money, plus make (and insist) you go against your family/friends (I believe it's so you must depend on the 'church' for emotional support). There's more, much more, might fill 10 pages.

I left after 4 years, went back for about a year, then left again.....shake my head now. I should never have stepped in the church in the first place!

Regret all my life now. I'm glad I'm strong enough to stay happy and not get sucked into their invisible condemnation.


First is free worldly rock concert, then the tithe. then listen to jud talk about texas football and what his children said recently that was cute, then fill in the blanks to 4 scriptures taken out of context, then church i7 ouer.

they push their small groups off on everybody, and those whom go meet with about 4 or 5 other people to either watch a rick warren video, or a football game. those who claim that this is a fantastic church, are very likely employees there, because i can guarantee you that it is not that great at all!

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I have lost a dear person in my life due to Las Vegas Central Christain Church. They took him at a weak and vulnerable time in his life.

Recruiters trolled the AA meetings and pounced on him. Calling and texting constantly to "go get his god on". "Celebrate Recovery" has enrolled him in many programs and taken most of his money in tithe and books. I was excluded from any conversations about the church due to him not being able to stay with the church if he continued his lifestyle.

He was my partner of 23 years and now he has shunned all of his family and me.

Cult. YES.

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