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This church is very much a cult. The church will ask for money and money.

I wonder where the money goes to when they're plenty of people in Vegas who need real help! The leaders aren't christian or helpful at all. I was judged by Dawn one of the church leaders at Central Summerlin. Dawn told me, I cater to single mother's like you!

Well Dawn, I'm not single, I'm a married woman of twelve years with two boys. When I left LDS church, I went to this fake christian church because I wanted to learn about Jesus! Then when I attended a bible study at Central Summerlin, the women, including Linda judged my family and I because my husband is a business man and travels a lot. I got up and left the bible study and never went back!

They claim to believe in the bible but the church is too fancy and all they do ask about money, money, money. Central Summerlin and Henderson, is too materialistic and they are not of Jesus Christ! The church has a spirit of Satan at Central, the spirit of materialistic and money. If your not rich and fancy like the leaders in Central, your a nobody and you don't fit in at all in this church!

Central Church in Summerlin and Henderson do not believe in Jesus or the Holy Spirit. The Leaders at Central are so quick to judge you and what you been through. The bible says to test the spirit to make sure it's from God. Be careful at this church, the leaders and pastors are wolves in sheep's clothing the same way like the leaders in the LDS church.

Yes, your money is going towards the Pastor's homes and fancy car's! Beware!

Reason of review: CULT .

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

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They slandered me and made a mockery out of me. They have the perfect past sins.

You get comfortable telling them your issues. I suffer from trauma, this happened over 16 years ago.


It's been 15 years I am still hurt how they treated me. How they made me feel bad about myself and gossiped about me and made fun of me.


Agree, felt it when I first walked in and attended the Owners classes. They are all fakers, prude, bigots.

All hiding behind the guise of the Bible and Christianity. They give “plain” looking people judge mental looks, and if you notice, why do all the people have expensive clothes? Why do the churchgoers dress like they are going to a night club and risky type clothing(women mostly). Quite a few Inappropriate clothing attires for family Sunday service.

Not to mention the multitude of ***/*** relationships/couples in the church and staff too.

Bible says love the person not their sins. So letting in a person Jesus has open declared as sinners is just like letting the devil, murderers, rapists into your church, saying it’s ok...we accept and love all sins too.

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Your actually insane. I love how your complaining about this church judging you for not wearing nice clothing but in your review your judging people on what they wear.

Also this church is accepting to everyone and it is willing to give people second chances. Also, your overthinking if you believe people are giving you “dirty looks.” No one does that. Also the “type of clothing” people wear shouldn’t matter to you and I don’t know why your making sure a big deal about it. If they “accept everyone” it is expected for people to come in all types of clothing.

It’s probably a good thing that your pathetic, overly-complaining self doesn’t go to this church because I don’t think anyone would want you to go here anyway if your just going to judge the people that go to church there, yourself. @TessaRexxus

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I am new at this church 5 months now, I just really would hope that the church would warn all that God is just and condemns all sin and that the devil is real, prepare us for spiritual warfare, not only that God is good, we know that, preach about the tools we need to have victory in Jesus

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